Wheelchair Accessible Suite Coming Soon

The upstairs suite, the Lotus Suite which can house as many as 4 guests at a time has already had over 14 guests in less than a month, with almost 100% occupancy. In a few weeks we’ll open our second suite, which will be downstairs and wheelchair accessible.  The floors needed refinishing and the walls needed fresh paint. We are now working on the furnishings including being able to adjust the number and size of beds depending on guest needs.

The Lavender Suite will offer 2 rooms: The Parlour and the Lavender Room. The Parlour will provide a sitting space, television and a futon that folds out into a full sized bed. The Lavender room has corner windows that look out on our grove of banana trees with their dramatic dancing leaves. This room can be furnished with one or two twin beds, a full sized bed or a queen sized bed, depending on the needs of our guests and the amount of space they require to comfortably move around the room. We anticipate also including a small desk and a refrigerator. There is a walk in closet in the room as well that will provide space for clothes that need to be hung on hangers and accessible shelves for clothes that need to be folded.

The 1913 house isn’t ever going to be fully ADA compliant, so we’ll make sure we communicate with guests about their particular needs, what equipment may be available, the size of rooms and passageways (all doorways leading to the suite are at least 32 inches wide).

Our kitchen sink may not be accessible  for all guests so we look forward to adding a sink to our pantry, though probably after we open the suite for guests. And the bathroom doesn’t have 5 feet of turn around space, so it is possible that not all potential guests will find our space adequate. We may have alternatives for those guests as well and will work with people to make what ever and as many adjustments and accommodations as necessary.

Our extremely comfortable mattresses are lightweight foldable foam and our frames are also foldable and light weight, so those of us working here can comfortably change out entire beds and make the beds without damaging our bodies.

This is also an essential aspect of our dis-ability accommodations– That those with dis-abilities can work here safely and those without are protected within the workplace from what is all to common and accepted: the daily assault on our bodies that results in workplace injuries and brokenness.  We work in community, because all of us are stronger than any one of us, and as such we get the work done while honoring both the abilities and limitations of each worker.

We also work hard to provide an allergen free environment, with air conditioners that also have powerful air filters which are cleaned at least once a week and between guests. We bag all our bedding so that it does not gather dust while stored. We wash all our bedding and linens in hot water and sanitize them with steam. We do not have carpets and we vacuum and steam curtains, mattresses and upholstery frequently. We change and clean EVERYTHING between guests.  We use mostly scent free, fragrance free products and list our products on our web page, so that if someone anticipates visiting us and does have an allergy we can halt use of that product in the days and even weeks leading up to their visit.

Regardless of need, people with dis-abilities can anticipate a space where their hearts, minds and bodies will be honored and affirmed and we will do what ever is possible to make their stay welcoming and comfortable.


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