Review: Lotus Suite

There is a hidden gem snuggled between the skylights of downtown LA and the famous Hollywood sign. We are thrilled to have found it. The restored Craftsman home is lovely, warm and inviting. So much so, that we forewent the sites of LA to instead spend time lounging in the house with the people who have curated the space to feel like a cozy home away from home. We were invited to drink iced tea and coffee in the cool reservoir of the living room, communal breakfasts were shared in the artisanal and eclectic dining room and we enjoyed lazying in the enclosed porch that was a part of the Lotus two room suite we slept in. Emma and Andy, the visionaries of the generous and thoughtful space, took ample care to make sure we were comfortable; soliciting feedback, genuinely asking how we were and supplying recommendations in Los Angeles in addition to making sure we had wonderful accommodations. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dragonfly Hill and make it our go-to place to stay when visiting LA.
Sunnyvale, CA


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