Review: Lavender Suite

This is one of those hidden gems — a home shared by wonderful people whose energy simply shows everywhere. The accommodations are beautiful, the decoration meticulous and yet everything seems so warm, inviting, and homey. The house in general is very active most days, depending on what’s happening, but at the same time it’s super easy to just close the door to the suite and simply veg out. The neighborhood is urban, that’s all there is to it. Not very dense, but that’s LA. A couple of great bakeries and markets and it really is easy access to everything due to it being so close to the 101 and the 110. You pretty much have to have a car. The hosts are kind, gentle, and humble people who will make you feel welcome. Their guidelines for people that stay seem to attract the right kind of folks. I was there for a full week so I saw a few people come and go. This isn’t a party house by any means but there is a strong element of counterculture here and it’s pretty wonderful. Beds are totally comfortable, shower is hot, things are clean. Breakfast here is amazing! To put it very succinctly there is a distinct lack of annoyances here. It’s just a really nice place to stay. Highly recommended.
Los Angeles, CA


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