Review: Lotus Suite

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with DragonflyHill Urban Farm. Emma, Andy and team were incredibly wonderful! They fed us a delicious full, healthy breakfast each morning, much of it made from the fruits and veggies from their garden. They do make sure that whatever your dietary need is, that it is taken care of. The Lotus Suite was gorgeous, including 2 rooms, with one overlooking the city and Hollywood sign. I should add that we also stayed in the Freida room downstairs in the room next to the studio on the last night and it was lovely also. We enjoyed Emma’s photographs in the Freida room. She’s a very talented professional photographer, btw. On the first night, Andy offered to take us to Trader Joe’s after our long drive from Big Bear. Who does that, other than the nicest people ever!?! 🙂 Their staff felt more like family and we were sad to leave because we had grown a special place in our hearts for everyone there. If you’re looking for a place where people really care about you, where you can relax, get advice on where to go in town, and be accepted regardless of who you are and what you believe, then this is the place to be. We’ll definitely be back! We miss them dearly already! We enjoyed being with a group of beautiful people who truly care about each other and their community. They talk about very meaningful topics and take the time to know you, and yet respect any privacy you may require. Another thing to bring up is if you are an artist, organize small events, are a film maker, a therapist traveling around, they do have a wonderful studio that you can rent very inexpensively to host your event or session. They also have parking available behind the house. Be mindful of street parking on street sweeping days. This is not really something the Dragonfly team can help us with, (it’s how Cali collects more money) but do take advantage of their parking behind the house if you have a vehicle. If your car rides low, be careful driving in. I know that they will be working on leveling the driveway, but as we support them. Know that every penny you spend supports the team, and they deserve more than you can ever know! In other words, they are perfect as is and our support of them means that they invest in making things better and better for us. They’re real sweethearts! 😉 I wish that I wasn’t limited with how many words I could use to describe our experience, but it far exceeded our expectations.!

Kalamazoo, Michigan


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