New Review: Lotus Suite

Wow, wow, wow… Talk about your home away from home! I must say that, I was truly impressed with this house once I walked into it. I have never stayed at a cozier airbnb! Not only was the place cozy, but it was hosted by very sweet and genuine people. There’s breakfast every morning, fresh organic fruit in their garden for your convenience, all of the books that you can read, and much more! (I don’t want to ruin any awesome surprises for you) But I’m so happy that I was able to stay at this wonderful home, and I’m very happy that I was able to meet Andy and Emma. I met the rest of the team on my last day, but they all seemed very nice. I can honestly say that I went in expecting a house with a room and a bed, but I got something worth so much more. I got a home, with wonderful people and a sense of community. Thank you all again for being so wonderful!
Davison, Michigan



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