The speeches we didn’t get to make to the L.A. Planning Commission

We were promised we were on the speakers’ lists and would have a minute to speak. That’s approximately 200 words. We carefully crafted our statements and practiced to assure the best use of our time.  We arrived early, taking our first Lyft ride, because there is no wheelchair accessible parking anywhere near City Hall. We waited for hours only to never get the chance to speak. We were ridiculed and abused by representatives of the company union, Unite Here which asserts the hotel industry’s rights over the rights of people in our own homes.

Spoken statement
To: LA City Planning Commission
RE: Proposed Home-Sharing Ordinance
Case No.: DIR-2016-1243-CA
CEQA No.: ENV-2016-1277-ND
Council No.: 14-1635-S2

Emma Rosenthal
Echo Park:

Many hosts, like me are retired people, with considerable health issues and dis-abilities. We have been able to find valuable work in our own homes. If this ordinance passes, I and hundreds if not thousands will be out of work and out of homes which will in many cases fall to developers’ wrecking balls; Those developers who pose the real threat to affordable and rent stabilized housing.

Forbidding hosts from conducting other businesses in our homes is an unreasonable financial hardship. Many of us work from home in many capacities, which allows us to be accountable hosts.

Don’t penalize owners of conversions to single family homes when those homes were already occupied by the owners, no Ellis eviction was applied and no renters displaced.

Making home sharing a misdemeanor represents an abuse of city resources and human rights.

Include a grandfather clause for those already hosting in our primary residence.
Maintain the opportunity for us to stay in our homes and communities,
STOP allowing developers to destroy hundreds of RSO units
Go after landlords that abuse tenants rights.

Andy Griggs
Echo Park

If the city wants an ordinance that destroys home sharing without explicitly saying so, THIS IS THAT ORDINANCE!

The draconian limits imposed by this ordinance have no equivalent for any other enterprises, including home based occupations. As hosts, many of us pay the 14% tot, while other L.A. business licenses are free and businesses are untaxed unless they gross over $100 thousand a year.

I am opposed to the limits on the number of days and listings in a primary residence, which as written, at about $100 a night, produce 12 thousand dollars a year. That’s not a salary. That’s not rent or mortgage and it certainly isn’t 100 thousand dollars!

Developers with city permits destroy thousands of RSO units, and the hotel industry gets huge “loans”, tax breaks and other exemptions from the city; while THIS cottage industry creates increased revenue and alleviates housing and job scarcity.

If you want to retain housing stock, neighborhood character and economic growth, reject the ordinance as proposed. Send it back to staff and include the grandfathering of existing uses that fulfill these goals!


2 thoughts on “The speeches we didn’t get to make to the L.A. Planning Commission

    • Thank you for your support. There are 2 speeches here. One by Andy Griggs and the other by Emma Rosenthal.

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