Begging Home: A few words before the Neighborhood Council

Last night we spoke before the Echo Park Neighborhood Council to implore them to vote against supporting the Home Sharing Ordinance. The Council voted to have their Planing and Land Use Committee review the ordinance more carefully and bring back recommendations. 

Emma Rosenthal
Echo Park:

I implore you to vote to oppose the home sharing ordinance.

If this ordinance passes, I and hundreds if not thousands will be out of work and displaced from homes and communities we have lived in for decades.  Like many hosts I am a disabled retiree on a pension.  I and others have been able to find valuable work and create jobs for ourselves and others in our own homes.  In this economy where housing is expensive and jobs scarce, we need these jobs and this income.

We and our  guests support the local economy. People don’t come to L.A. to pick up pan dulce at K Bakery or tacos from Leo’s Taco Truck or a burger at Brite Spot. 

Home sharing provides housing to film industry workers who need short term lodging during production, and income to Angelinos in the business who need to leave home many months of the year for work, but still need to maintain a home here.

Traffic is decreased, as short term lodgers have at most 1 car per group. As hosts, because we work out of our home and don’t need to commute or travel during peak times,  we’ve reduced the number of cars from 3 vehicles to 1.

The ordinance is especially vague opening the city up to extensive lawsuits and as proposed will have a  deep financial impact on the economy and community of Echo Park.

This is a housing rights issue, a dis-ability rights issue, a senior rights issue, a labor but as most people understand it. Time does not allow me to expand, but I will gladly share my insights with anyone who cares to dialogue. 

Andy Griggs
Echo Park

I am appalled at the proposal to support the home sharing ordinance. This proposal doesn’t reflect the issues raised at the Echo Park town forum!

If the city wants an ordinance that destroys home sharing without explicitly saying so, THIS IS THAT ORDINANCE!

Many people in Echo Park rely on home sharing to cover  housing costs and would be displaced by this ordinance.

Developers with city permits destroy thousands of RSO units, and the hotel industry gets huge “loans”, tax breaks and other exemptions from the city; while THIS cottage industry creates increased revenue and alleviates housing and job scarcity and supports local businesses.

If the concern is over abusive landlords or nuisance neighbors, demand that the city enforce the regulations and ordinances already in place, and NOT use precious city resources policing who people host in our own homes.

If the concern is for the preservation of low income housing, invest in that infrastructure and use the taxes collected from the bnbs to fund those efforts.

If you want to retain housing stock, neighborhood character and economic growth, reject the ordinance and end it back to staff and include the grandfathering of existing uses that fulfill these goals!



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