Urban Farming: What It Is, Who We Are

  • Urban farming is politicized gardening
  • It’s about growing food in the city,
  • It’s about a radically different relationship with the land.
  • It’s a break from growing lawns that produce nothing but waste or at best, compost.
  • It’s any time we grow food in an urban environment.Grapefruit tree in front yard.
  • Some urban farms have apiaries and raise bees and honey. (We don’t)
  • Some urban farms eek out an existence through their farming. (That’s not us, either.)
  • Some urban farms have livestock– chickens, goats, etc. (Again, not us.)

We cultivate community!

  • We specialize in low maintenance farming: fruit trees, herbs, edible flowers.
  • We are a teaching facility and we share what we know.
  • We cultivate community. You might see neighbors helping themselves to herbs or fruit. We love that we are part of this dynamic. We save cans and bottles for neighbors who are urban miners who then recycle these items for cash.
  • We grow sprouts on windowsills, sometimes!
  • We do small space composting, called bokashi,
  • We are not just a farm, lots of other activities take place here, and much of our time is spent maintaining the space, including the gardens.
    • Keeping the space clean and ready for overnight guests– this is the bulk of our labor. It is no small task. You are more likely to find us cooking breakfast, changing beds or folding laundry, than tending to crops.
    • Photography: we offer portraits, head shots and real estate photography as well as our own fine art photography.
    • Activism: we are a location for many activities, not least of all, our own: The We Empowerment Center.
    • Tax preparation and counseling, specializing in Taxes for educators,
      small businesses, including the sharing economy,  non-profit organizations,
      as well as performing and Visual Artists
    • Education: we offer many classes here, and space for people to give classes.
    • Healing: many healers use this space to serve their clientele. Emma is a reiki practitioner.
    • Short term lodging: we have 3 listings on airbnb, providing comfortable and elegant lodging.
    • Handiwork: we do restorations and repairs in the neighborhood
  • Keep in mind when traveling, tAccessible Gardenhat what a farm looks like in one part of the world will differ greatly in another part of the world. Urban farming is the growing of food in an urban environment and differs very much from rural farming environments, anywhere.
  • In Southern California, our planting seasons differ from much of the world. While we have a 12 month growing season, summer is our downtime, not winter. So if our gardens look a bit sparse, that’s why. Fall is the busiest of times in the Southern California garden, because the rains of winter and cooler temperatures give new seedlings a much better fighting chance.

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