Services we Provide: Urban Farming, Landscaping, Irrigation, Design

We can assist you in all areas of garden design including landscape construction, irrigation and overall garden design.


  • Cement walkways and patios  Gazebo with purple curtains, a table and chairs
  • Deck construction
  • Gazebos
  • Raised beds
  • Arbors


  • Garden in front yardGarden layout
  • Garden art
  • Creating sacred space
  • Color coordination
  • purchasing
  • planting


  • Front yard walkwayDesign of drip irrigation systems
  • Installation of drip irrigation systems  and rain barrels
  • Maintenance of drip irrigation systems




  • Grapefruit tree in front yard.We can assist you in your own DYI and planning
  • Referrals to appropriate and recommended sub contractors
  • Recommend products
  • Assist with layout and design
  • Teach and go– You can work with us and we’ll show you how.
  • Composting
  • Garden planning– time of year, light, placement of plants

To arrange a consultation  or for more information on these and other services we provide:


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