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The Washington Post article, quotes Hotel CEO, saying  It “should be a big boost in the arm for the business,” Mike Barnello, chief executive of the hotel chain LaSalle Hotel Properties, said of the law last Thursday, “certainly in terms of the pricing.”

Here’s the link to the article:

Hotel CEO openly celebrates higher prices after anti-Airbnb law passes

Dragonfly Team Member, Emma Rosenthal’s Comment on the Washington Post article:

If this were really a housing rights and labor rights issue, then those claiming to defend those rights would make excruciatingly clear their support for NO restrictions on short term rentals in the primary residence of the host and would have reached out to hosts who use home sharing to prevent displacement and provide housing and income.
While this land grab by the hotel industry is supported by the company union (the same union that doesn’t support the $15 minimum wage for its own members), many other union members need home sharing. Many retired workers, including teachers, use home sharing to keep our homes, & workers in the film industry (and other industries) where workers are required to be on location & away from home months at a time, can rent out their (entire) home, to cover housing and other costs while away on assignment.

If someone rents out their home, they are not in any way diminishing available rental units.

If cities (and states) were really concerned about housing, labor and affordability they would be creating programs to create jobs and provide affordable housing, and they would enforce existing laws to go after abusive landlords.

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