In L.A. Your Phone Is Your Car!

(Also for major city attractions, check out Go City)


will pick you up within minutes and take you to any destination in the Los Angeles area. A local ride costs less than 5$ most of the time.  A longer trip, to Pasadena can cost about $18.  (Depending on the type of ride and number of passengers, of course.)
If you need a Lyft and you don’t have an account, go to: or via the app, dragonfly345 and you’ll get 50$ off for your first 10 rides. Not a bad deal!

TEXT: Lyft To to this URL:

We also have a good relationship with the car rental company, SKURT (a downloadable cell phone app), which will bring your car to you at the airport (or deliver it to our house if you choose another means to get here); and by using our code DRAGFLY, offers a $30 discount for your rental. Here’s a link to get the app:


This post contains affiliate links to Go City, Lyft and Skurt.  DragonflyHill Urban Farm will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links Go City) or using our codes (Skyrt & Lyft). Your support is greatly appreciated . 



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