DragonflyHill Community has its own nonprofit: The WE Empowerment Center

Dragonflyhill Team Members, Andy Griggs, Emma Rosenthal & Xeres Villanueva comprise the Board of Directors, and Glenda Bonilla & Xeres are our staff. We’re asking for seed money this year, to establish our organizational infrastructure, and to provide outreach to community groups and individuals that could benefit from our streamlined process to obtaining the benefits of nonprofit status, as one of our programs.

To Friends, Allies, Comrades and Community: Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, Give the Gift of Community! 

The WE Empowerment Center:
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To Friends, Allies, Comrades and Community:

On this Giving Tuesday, greetings from the The WE Empowerment Center, a relatively new tax exempt non-profit organization with the goal of equipping and empowering local and community projects and individuals that bring healing, creativity and social change through grassroots community building, organizing, art, and activism. We are assertively anti-racist, anti-sexist, intersectional, decolonialist, anti-imperialist and LGBTQIAA & DISability affirmative.

Our emergence and the shocking recent election results is a coincidence but not without significance. Many efforts have been and will be created in response to the election and its aftermath.

It is more important than ever to support grassroots efforts that would bring justice and healing to our communities, neighborhoods, and families.

The WE Empowerment Center:
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  • The We Empowerment Center provides the benefits of nonprofit tax exempt status to emerging efforts by offering financial receivership.
    • Financial receivership is when an individual and community project becomes a project of an existing 501 (c) 3 organization to obtain the non-profit status without having to go through the process of becoming a non-profit. That way, the projects can focus on building capacity to fulfill their mission while the organization provides organizational support, financial management and non-profit status to the projects.
  • Unlike other organizations that offer financial receivership, we streamline the process of becoming a WE Empowerment Center Project and make financial receivership available to smaller and emerging efforts through a simplified and accessible application.
    • This is an effort to have non-profit status and organizational support easier to obtain, so that grassroots efforts of creating dialogue, community building and organizing for justice will be sustained and empowered.
  • We provide We Center Projects and individual and community projects the structural support and tools to do creative,  justice, and community work well.

To provide these services, we need YOUR support to build both the financial and administrative structure and outreach capacity of The WE Empowerment Center.

Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations will go toward the employment of two emerging, capable and skilled community organizers: Xeres Villanueva and Glenda Bonilla, who are dedicated to creating empowerment,  healing, and justice in our society.

This year we sponsored the Los Angeles leg of the Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour: Black, Brown, Broke & Disabled.

We are very excited to already include among our projects:

The WE Empowerment Center:
Donate Button with Credit Cards

Checks may also be sent to
The We Empowerment Center
345 Douglas Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

The WE Empowerment Board of Directors
Andy Griggs, Emma Rosenthal, Xeres Villanueva


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