In the Neighborhood?…. Stop by for breakfast

DragonflyHill is deeply committed to community building, connections. We offer a slew of community services as well as our own nonprofit– The WE Empowerment Center which provides nonprofit status through financial receivership to individuals and community efforts.

Every morning we serve breakfast, not only to our bnb guests, but to friends, community members, community leaders, family (especially when school is out).

Breakfast table, set with plates, utensils and loaded with all kinds of yummy food!Menu: veggie egg scramble (can also do a tofu scramble), pan dulce from K Bakery, or bagels from Trader Joes (We’re waiting for the return of Brooklyn Bagel), chicken or beef sausage, fruit, often from our garden, tea and coffee. Sometimes we have a few surprises, too. (We can accommodate most dietary restrictions with enough notice).

If you would like to join us, please let us know “before we crack eggs.” We serve a late breakfast– one sitting at 9:45ish. So let us know by 9 am (but preferably the night before) that you’re on your way. (Groups of 4 or more, please provide a few days notice.)

Sometimes on Saturdays, following yoga, we have brunch at 10:45 so check with us on that.

We appreciate tax deductible donations to our nonprofit, but that’s not why we do this. We just love to meet our neighbors and to get to know people. We think eating together is a wonderful way to make that happen.

Our guiding principles for all who enter here:

And for more information about us:

We also keep a blog of what we’re doing, and issues that impact us.


3 thoughts on “In the Neighborhood?…. Stop by for breakfast

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