DragonflyHill’s Web Presence

Emma works diligently on our web presence, getting out message out, letting the community know what services we provide, blogging on life on the farm, life in Los Angeles, resources for guests, neighbors, community members.

Currently we’re on facebook, twitter and wordpress, our web page and blog, as well as participating in many lists on facebook, and off, including Airbnb community lists. We have several ads running on Craigslist, and Emma and DragonflyHill Studios maintains a smugmug page, showcasing the work we do, including Emma’s photography.  We also maintain a YELP page and participate in reviewing local businesses and services, with a focus on businesses we use and want others to know about.

We’re on Next Door, a community based social media site, where neighbors can communicate with neighbors.

We’re listed on Airbnb and Share my Space as well as other rental and listing sites. But those are the two main ones.

We’ll probably expand to some of the photo sites like Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, but for now we’re out there enough and plenty busy.

Here’s where you can find us:

A word about the commons: We have opted NOT to get our personal URL for our pages where a business URL is an option (wordpress and smugmug pages). It’s not that we don’t know how, or can’t afford it. We just appreciate representing that we’re part of a larger system of outreach and communication. These sites serve in the way the commons used to, making communication and outreach available to practically everyone.


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