We’re not just clean, we’re allergy clean

(Image is of lump charcoal in a ceramic bowl. We use charcoal as an air freshener instead of scents and sprays. It absorbs odors without putting harmful fragrances in the air.)

Part of our overall commitment to DISability accommodations is our commitment to our guests, friends and clients with allergies and chemical sensitivity.  We work very hard to keep our space not just clean, but allergy clean: Free of dust mites, dust, fragrances, and chemicals that trigger allergy attacks.

  • No carpeting, except throw rugs we can throw in the dryer and steam.
  • Steaming of throw pillows, blankets, comforters and pillows, frequently, for 50 minutes at 120 degrees fahrenheit. This not only removes all dust, and freshens the textiles, but also kills all dust mites. (We do this between all guests, and at least once a week for long term guests). 
  • Bagging of bedding (sheets, blankets, etc) when stored.
  • Use of a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter. We also add Diatomaceous earth to our vacuum bag, which kills any microscopic insects, like dust mites. 
  • Frequent cleaning of the air filters on our air conditioners. A good air filter is exactly that– it will filter the air and keep it free of allergens. We clean air filters at least once a week, and between guests. 
  • Use of products without scents, unscented, fragrance free. Fragrances can be very disturbing to a lot of people. This has included making some of our own household products.
  • Vacuuming beds and upholstered furniture. Beds get vacuumed every time we change the bedding.

If we know a guest is coming that is especially sensitive to certain allergens we can prepare ahead of time by making sure we’ve carried out a deep clean just before they arrive.

We have a cat, and while so far, guests with cat allergies have reported no problems, if we know in advance we can make sure she’s kept out of common areas during, and even in the days before a guest arrives. By organizing this space so that it’s easy to clean, guests with allergies have told us they’ve had no problems here. The cat is NOT allowed in guest rooms.


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