Running our BNB: Our Welcome Message to Guests After Check in

Hope you’re settling in comfortably. If you need anything while you’re here, please let us know.

If you need a Lyft and you don’t have an account, go to: or via the app, dragonfly345 and you’ll get 50$ off for your first 10 rides. Not a bad deal!

We also have a good relationship with the car rental company, SKURT (a downloadable cell phone app), which will bring your car to you and by using our code DRAGFLY, offers a $30 discount for your rental. Here’s a link to get the app:

For great deals on sightseeing, get the GO CITY CARD go to

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For places to go, eat, and see, we offer the following suggestions:

On this Blog:

Great Eats in L.A. County Links to food reviews for all of Los Angeles.

To See and Do in L.A.: Links to articles on what to do in Los Angeles, including free and inexpensive activities.:

Beyond Disneyland and Universal Studios: The L.A., L.A. Loves: Destinations those of us who live here know and love

Echo Park: It’s own destination!

Late Night Dining Near DragonflyHill Urban Farm


Delivery Options:

This post contains affiliate links to Go City, Lyft and Skurt. DragonflyHill Urban Farm will be compensated if you make a purchase (after clicking on our links Go City) or using our codes (Skurt & Lyft). Your support is greatly appreciated .


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