Free (or inexpensive) Ways to Protect and Support our Tenuous Community

(Mostly) Non Financial Ways to Contribute to DragonflyHill Urban Farm

This is the year that will make or break us and determine if the Dragonfly Team can keep Front porch with craftsman chairsour jobs, homes and community.  Like many small businesses our existence is tenuous and fragile. But DragonflyHill Urban Farm is more than just a small business. We provide many services to the community either free of charge or for very low rates. We are a resource within the community, a meal when you may not have cash to eat somewhere else, a gathering place, a place of support and endless emotional labor, honest repair people for a quick fix or for major renovations, tax service/basic book keeping, lodging, tutoring, editing, design, space rental for events, meetings, etc. a vibrant urban farm and a Carlos, with hand saw, cutting a 2x4teaching facility. We also have our nonprofit: The We Empowerment Center, which makes the benefits of nonprofit work accessible to those who otherwise would not have access to those resources.

We rely on our labor to provide for all the members of our team: Andy, Carlos, Emma, Glenda and Xeres. So we need your help. Many of the ways you can support us, don’t cost a thing. Others may come with a fee, but it is significantly less than if you were to acquire those services somewhere else.

Ways to help us out, to keep us going and to sustain us.

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Likes, Retweets, Follows, Shares & Comments: Yes, we all make fun of “likes” but they are actual currency.  Follow, like, comment and share  our blog posts and follow, share and comment at DragonflyHill Urban Farm and The WE Empowerment Center on  facebook. It can mean more traffic, more circulation and more exposure.  Follow us on twitter, and retweet, retweet, retweet!

Visit Our blog:  Please visit our blog. If we get enough visitors on a regular basis, we can start earning money through advertising. And as sucky as that is, that we may have to do Garden in front yardthat, better the money in our pockets, in our community.

Review: Write reviews of DragonflyHill Urban Farm on Yelp and on Facebook. Let people know what your experience with us is like.

Write letters: Right now home sharing is under attack by the hotel industry which has run a horrible stealth marketing campaign against home sharing, with the help their own company union and a couple of NGOs,  and while they claim they’re against commercialized BNBs (where landlords convert entire buildings into hotels), the proposed ordinance would wipe us out: running the BNB is our main source of income, The 5 team members represent  4 households that rely on that income.

Join us: When we have activities at DragonflyHill Urban Farm, including our daily breakfasttable0227lowbreakfast and urban farming gatherings!  No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Your participation means a lot to us. Follow us on social media for upcoming events!

Use our referrals: Use Lyft and Skurt, to get around town, and use our referral codes to open your accounts. We get a small honorarium for the referral and you get a huge discount on the use of these services:

Recommend us or use one of our many services:

And for those of you wanting to give:



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