Please Read the Comments: Emma writes!

In response to this article in the Hollywood Patch;
Former Hollywood Tenants Sue Airbnb, Landlords Alleging They Were Illegally Booted from Apartments

Emma responds:

“Makes sense suing AIRBNB, since they have the deepest pockets, and even if they settle to put the suit behind them, it’s a great payday for the plaintiff. But by what vehicle would AIRBNB, essentially a listing agent, be responsible for the actions of a host, prior to listing on the AIRBNB site? How about suing Westside Rentals, or the L.A. Times? How are listing agents supposed to regulate what the city regulators fail to monitor?

I get that trashing home sharing is big business, especially for the hotels, and the problem with commercialized rentals like the ones described in this article are very real, but sue the city, sue the landlord.

The city has a mechanism for enforcing landlord abuses both through the Housing Department and the city attorney’s office, but they’re slow to respond and reluctant to enforce. Ellis evictions are a problem regardless of the motivation of the landlord, and assuring that the opportunity isn’t abused should be a much greater priority of the city and the housing rights movement.

Instead, they’ve taken up the gauntlet of opposing all BNBs in the city, including those where hosts reside in the home. The proposed ordinance would make home sharing except for an exclusive few, impossible and would contribute to the same displacement that supporters of the ordinance claim to be opposing.”  – Emma Rosenthal, January 8, 2017


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