Tis the Season: Candidates’ Cold Calls

Defend Home Sharing

Tis the season for calls from candidates wanting our votes. Now is the time to get very vocal with these callers and let them know cancelling home sharing is a vote losing decision!

Let candidates know that home sharing is an essential community resource, source of income, jobs, and neighborhood stability.

Key talking points:

  • Limits to home sharing displace longstanding residents of L.A., including retired workers, trying to keep our homes.
  • With impending cuts from the federal government, cities need all the revenues they can collect and home sharing brings in increased income due to both the hotel tax (the transient occupancy tax) and increased consumer spending.
  • Home sharing brings money into communities, supporting small businesses.
  •  Rents even under rent control are prohibitively high, and many low income families who own their own home own RSO (rent stabilized/under rent control) properties, and may still need extra income to make mortgage payments. This ordinance hurts the lowest income hosts! Home sharing should be allowed in all primary residences.
  • This is a labor issue:
    • Film industry workers need to be able to rent out their homes when they are away on location and incoming workers need temporary housing while they are on location, in Los Angeles.
    • Retired workers, including many teachers who have taught generations of students, home share to stay in the communities where we have lived for decades.
  • Use existing laws to enforce abuses of housing rights
    • Provide greater resources to the Housing office and the city attorney’s office for enforcement.
    • Provide information to tenants regarding their rights regarding displacement, repairs, REAP and other services and rules.
    • Providing jobs, income & housing to marginalized workers at pay rates higher than the hotel industry provides.
  • The clause that doesn’t allow for other home based businesses in a home that is home sharing is broadly and poorly written and needs to be deleted.
  • Developers are tearing down housing in this city at an alarming rate and replacing family & affordable housing with luxury single and one bedroom $3000 a month luxury apartments no one can afford.
  • Home sharing should not be limited any more than any other home based business. No other business model remotely resembles the restrictions proposed on home sharing.
  • At least allow for grandfathering and hardship.
  • We can’t vote if we can’t afford to live here.



6 thoughts on “Tis the Season: Candidates’ Cold Calls

  1. To my knowledge there is not. They claim the proposed ordinance is “fair”, but the hosts don’t think so, and the opposition to home sharing does. Contact your candidates and let them know this is an important issue for you and why.

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