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DragonflyHill’s Emma Rosenthal continues to leave incisive comments on news web pages and corporate facebook pages. You can too. Just follow the links. If you’re not up to commenting, please take the time to read and like the comments you do support.

  1. Majority Of Airbnb Hosts In Los Angeles Are Women, Company Says


Short term rentals provide many women a business opportunity in an environment where there is so much (increasing) discrimination against women, particularly older women. The sharing economy bypasses the interview process and in so doing, bypasses the bigotry of personnel departments and managers.

Short term rentals also provide women with control over who we live with. Short term renting gives women options that having long term tenants may not afford us. In some states it can be very hard and even prohibitively expensive to remove a tenant even when they are renting a room in one’s own home. By renting short term, women have more control over who we live with and what relationships we enter. Any living arrangement is an intimate relationship and should not be dictated by state regulations but rather individual choice.


Cities get raw deal with Airbnb tax agreements, report claims


In L.A. Airbnb charges hosts a 3% fee, which basically covers the credit card transaction, and charges guests 6-11%. It pays the city 14%, which means the city of Los Angeles makes more money on each Airbnb rental than Airbnb does. The bulk of the money spent at an Airbnb listing goes directly to the people performing and providing the services and stays in the city and in communities. It’s a great win for the city on so many levels, providing income/employment to hosts and those they contract and employ, providing extra business to small businesses in communities, providing essential revenue to the city and providing housing stability to those hosts who need the home sharing option the most, to stay in homes and communities they’ve lived in for years.

Unlike hotels, Airbnb doesn’t get nor need huge tax breaks that are collected by the hotels, but never paid to the city and instead end up in the pockets of developers.





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