Calling out the Hotel Industry Use of Stealth Marketing, Bait and Switch, Moving the Goal Posts and other Gas Lighting Tactics

Because the Only Thing The Hotel Industry Hates About Home Sharing Is When Hosts Don’t Pay Taxes, Except When They Do, and Then The Hotel Industry Hates THAT Even More!

Airbnb has secret tax deals around the nation. Is there one in your city?

Overpaid melissa wong • 3 days ago Airbnb host need the crap slapped out of them, then they'll get the effing point. • Reply•Share › Avatar Emma Rosenthal Overpaid • 5 minutes ago Most hosts are senior women, many of us are retired teachers, we're used to dealing with insolent teenagers, so good luck with that. Your misogyny is duly noted. • Edit• Reply•Share ›

Emma Also left this comment on the page:

The hotel industry and its lackeys complain about AIRBNB and home sharing hosts NOT paying taxes, until a mechanism is set up that does (meanwhile many hosts were paying taxes voluntarily all along), and then the hotel industry complains that AIRBNB and hosts ARE paying taxes.

How do we know the hotel industry is being honest about the taxes it collects and pays? How about back door deals with hotels and hotel developers? Including deals where the hotels get to keep the taxes they collect and give them directly to developers?…

“The Los Angeles City Council voted Friday to back a $198.5-million financial aid package for a high-profile downtown hotel project that has been in the works for more than a decade.

On a 12-0 vote, the council agreed to provide a combination of subsidies and loans to Related Cos., which is seeking to build two towers — one 38 stories, the other 16 — across from Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The council’s proposal would allow Related to keep nearly half of the $396.9 million in tax revenue that would be generated for the city by the project over 25 years. That money would normally flow into the general fund, which pays for police, firefighters and other city services.”


One thought on “Calling out the Hotel Industry Use of Stealth Marketing, Bait and Switch, Moving the Goal Posts and other Gas Lighting Tactics

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