Urban Farming: Our Home & Yours

Urban farming meet up: Friends of DragonflyHill Urban Farm Community have been asking about urban farming.
Farming get togethers have become less formal since the farm is established and is more organized. We don’t have big projects very often. (Though we may be doing some planter box installations soon! Stand by for that.)
So just let us know if there’s a time you want to come by and help out, and we’ll make it happen.
It’s outrageous, but some urban farms actually charge people to help out. We don’t, and we’ll send you home with fresh fruit, edible flowers, herbs and maybe even some sprouts.
If you want us to help with YOUR urban fglendaingardenhigh_3911arm we also provide that service to the
community and you can hire us for that.
We can help you set up raised beds, drip irrigation, landscaping, xeriscaping, garden construction, accessible gardening, sprouting, composting. You can find out more about this service on our web page.
In addition to the planter box installation we may be offering sprouting classes and composting workshops. Hope you’ll join us for those events.

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