My grandmother’s brisket

My grandmother, Anna Kaufman Loeb’s brisket  recipe.

By Emma Rosenthal, Dragonfly Team Member
A Jewish immigrant from Russia/Poland, Anna came to the US in the early 1900, fleeing persecution. She was an 8 year old orphan who came with her Aunt on the passport of her dead cousin. At age 9 Ana went to work in the textile factories of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and went to school at night. (My sister’s memory of the story is that Anna went to work at night and studied by day.) She eventually becoming a nurse, the mother of two and the grandmother of 7.

Brisket and onions in a baking dish, ready to go in the oven

Photo by Glenda Bonilla

The recipe has only 4 ingredients but it is the most tasty and tender brisket recipe you will ever sample. Less is more! Onions are the secret ingredient.
Pre heat oven 350 degrees*
4-5 lb brisket
6-7 med onions
Cut up potatoes
1st hour, place in oven, covered, fat side up with a small amount of water
2nd hour covered with onions on top
3rd hour uncovered, onions off to side
Last 1/2 hour add cut up potatoes and water

Cooked brisket and onions in a baking dish

Photo by Glenda Bonilla

*Crock-pot version:
Add all ingredients to crock-pot and cook 6 hours on high or 8 hours on low. Potatoes
can be added in last 2 hours.

Special thanks to Judith Loeb Whitaker for providing the oral history, including the recipe.


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