Welcome to DragonflyHill Urban Farm: Upon Booking A Reservation

When we get a booking from our guests on Airbnb, we send them the following message on the Airbnb platform. It’s come to our attention that Airbnb’s phone app may be truncating the message, so we’re reposting it here, and will be providing guests with the link to this page, at the top of the message:

Welcome to DragonflyHIll Urban Farm We look forward to your visit with us.

Airbnb isn’t like hotel travel. Each listing is autonomous and in many cases, the private home of your host. When you stay at DragonflyHill Urban Farm you will be staying with us, in our home.

Please review the following suggestions and answer the following questions to avoid any misunderstandings:

1. Review our guidelines, house rules, listing and web page so you are familiar with our home and what we offer and do not offer, and please share this information with the other people traveling with you.

2. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT TIME YOU PLAN TO ARRIVE so we can make sure we are here to greet you and let you in. Our earliest guaranteed check in is 4 PM though we may be able to make your room available a littler earlier. Letting us know when you will be arriving is very important, as we are not a hotel or motel and do not have around the clock desk staff. Guest check out time is 11 am and we need a few hours to clean and prepare your room after the previous guests leave, so If you need a much earlier check in, you need to reserve the night before. If you do arrive earlier, you are welcome to drop off luggage any time after 9:30 am by appointment, and head out into the city, or relax in the common areas of the house: the living room, kitchen, dining room, gardens and patios. Upon check in, we verify identification of all adults, along with a registration form for our records and provide an orientation/tour of the house and the many amenities we offer.

3. In addition to the name of the person who made the reservation, PLEASE PROVIDE THE NAMES OF ALL THE PEOPLE including children, traveling with you. You may have already provided airbnb with this information but they may not have shared it with us. Please count children, including infants in the total number of guests. While we are child friendly, we cannot provide free accommodations for children. We welcome your children into our home but all fees apply to all guests regardless of age. Thank you for your understanding.

4. ONGOING COMMUNICATION is very important. Please check your airbnb messages and assure that your contact information is up to date. This helps us guarantee you the best possible experience while staying here. If you have any questions or need additional information please ask us. For more information about us: dragonflyhill.wordpress.com. We’re also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragonflyhillUrbanFarm We hope you enjoy your stay here. Thank you for choosing to stay with us at DragonflyHill Urban Farm


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