Yoga For All Bodies (Most) Saturdays At DragonflyHill Urban Farm

Next class: Saturday May 6 2017 9:30 -10:30

Future classes:
May 6 & 27.
June 10, 17 & 24.
July 1st, 8th, & 15th.

Purple Barn Gallery (Down the driveway behind the house)
DragonflyHill Urban Farm
345 Douglas Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Yoga for Opening Up

Misaku Lauritzen, Yogi, teaching yoga

Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)

On Saturday, May 6th, we will be working on “opening up our body.” Our body is actually a spiritual/emotional gateway; when our posture is closed, we will not let good things come in. We are closed off to new people, new ideas, and new opportunites (although you do need sometimes a break to keep things to themselves).

Springtime is time for renewal. This class will be somewhat faster-paced than our usual class. We will go through more movements to really encourage our bodies to be open and flexible.

Don’t be intimidated, though. All movements will be easy, gentle, and fluid. There is no athletic competition here. Let us make it into a meditation in motion. By the end of the class, you will feel joy in your movement and gain clarity of problems and opportunities that you currently face.

Join us this Saturday for YOGA for ALL BODIES. People of any age, body types, physical abilities are invited to attend. The class fee is a suggested donation of $10-$15.


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