NBC Hit Piece on Airbnb and Host Hits Back

NBC L.A. did a hit piece on airbnb and airbnb hosts that shilled for the hotel industry and  wealthy home owners who don’t want the rest of us in THEIR neighborhoods, THEIR hills, THEIR beaches. The ad, er I mean news story started with a clip from an airbnb ad that featured our dear friend Vanessa Johnson, telling her amazing hosting story, and then cuts to the “real” story of the terrors of having short term rentals in YOUR neighborhood. (Well, not YOUR neighborhood, but you get my gist!)

We have met such amazing hosts, many of whom are life long social justice activists and elder women working in their homes to keep their homes. The ruthless attacks and accusations of greed and exploitation are odd given the powers at play in L.A. in general. Home sharing is literally a cottage industry and the attacks on hosting is an attack on thousands of small businesses.

Vanessa Johnson: 

Antique Print Collector & Dealer & Airbnb Host
Self Employed and Loving It!

Image of Vanessa Johnson an African American Elder, talking to the camera about being an Airbnb Host. Caption says Vanessa Airbnb Host South Los AngelesThank you Mr. Samaan, for your hit piece on Airbnb and being the mouth piece for the hotel industry. You have giving me the opportunity to tell my story on the real host behind Airbnb. Not the ones that you choose to portray in your story. My story came out March 26, 2015. http://www.dailynews.com/…/airbnb-allows-me-my-family…/1 It was presented to NBC, CBS, Fox, KTTV, KTLA as well as the Los Angeles Times. No one wanted to touch it. It was finally published in the Daily News on that March date. God have used you to give NBC the opportunity to put my story out there once again. Who are the real Airbnb host? Since you choose to use my image to do your hit piece, you have given me the opportunity to tell the truth. I Thank God everyday for the Life raft Airbnb provided me. It allowed me to take care of my husband Phil and provide me with a few more years of hImage of a group of people of different ages, ethnicities and genders, sitting around a table outside, talking. One of the women is Vanessa Johnson, Airbnb host.is life that I never expect to get. Mind is not the only story, all of us host have a story, including some of the 40% hosts that you are calling Professionals (which is nowhere near 40%). Airbnb has not only changed my life but it is making the difference in my neighborhood. I am changing the minds of each guest one at a time the miss conception that you and your colleagues have portrayed of my neighborhood of gangs and drive by shootings, which happens everywhere throughout this city and not just in my neighborhood of South Los Angeles. I am bringing economic viability to a part of the city that never sees travel dollars and never will if not for Airbnb. I am providing jobs at a higher pay rate than any hotel. I am recruiting other host to host in South Los Angeles so they too and change there lives and change the negatives of our neighborhoods that the press have put on us for many years.

I didn’t want to do that commercial it took Airbnb more than 2 years to convince me to change my mind. I did not get paid a dime or any compensation for that commercial that you choose to use. I did if for all the host like myself who struggle to take care of sick Parents, Children and Husbands. I did it for the host who struggle everyday to just make ends meet. I did if for the many senior women who like my self spent their youth taking care of others, find them selves left with family property and no retirement to take care of them selves. Without airbnb they would loose their family property and many do finding themselves on the street. They spent there entire lives taking care of others and now they can use that experience earning a living taking care of others and getting paid for it, giving them the joy of sharing their lives and home with others when they would otherwise be alone. I get such joy sharing my life with my guest. I travel the world without ever leaving. Something no guest will every experience from a hotel room. A guest will never get to experience the viability of Los Angeles neighborhoods from any hotel lobby. No Guest will ever experience the since of belonging anywhere on a tour bus in Hollywood.

You see My Samaan even if the professional host were 90% would you through out what Airbnb is providing for people like me! Or would you regulate and go after the irresponsible landlords that are not enforcing there own Lease agreements. Instead of attacking a website that is providing a vehicle for people the opportunity to share there homes and lives.

Thank you again Mr Samaan


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