Introducing: Products We Love

DragonflyHill Urban Farm and Museum House has found so many wonderful products to make staying, living and working here so much better. So we’ve decided to start a series and a new category on products we love and how we use them. We were reluctant because it means free endorsement of commercial products, but if we can help people organize their lives better with better purchasing, we can help you decrease your purchasing of commercial products and get you back to work you really love.

So check in, subscribe, and follow us as we review different products (including some we make ourselves), that make our lives easier and more pleasant.

Future posts to include:

  • Products we love: Bedding (mattresses, sheets, duvets, duvet covers,
  • Products we love: Scent and fragrance free (cleaning products, bath products)
  • Products we love: Household safety (first aid kits, earthquake preparedness, smoke, CO detectors, workplace safety)
  • Products we love: Cleaning supplies (Scent free, light weight, easy to use, effective, with a focus on products that are worker friendly)
  • Products we love: Household organizing
  • Products we love: Construction (tools and equipment)
  • Products we love: Urban farming (sprouting, raised beds, organic farming, pest control, composting, harvesting)
  • Products we love: Decor (curtains, decorations, pillows)
  • Products we love: Local (local stores where we get basic supplies, local merchants, antiques and vintage stores, street vendors)
  • Products we love: Laundry (cleaning supplies, hampers and laundry baskets, organization)
  • Products we love In the kitchen (sprouting, ball jar uses, cookware, storage)
  • Products we love: Household hacks
  • Products we love: Social media
  • Products we love: Tourism & travel (suitcases, travel hacks, local sites, travel guides)
  • Products we love: education (tutoring supplies, study supplies, educational games, activities)
  • Products we love: for the kids (toys, games, educational materials, baby care)
  • Products we love: Health & well being (first aid kits, healthcare hacks, eating healthy)
  • Products we love: Home Sharing (platforms, resources, support)
  • Products we love: Dining (table cloths, silverware, ball jars, favorite foods, dinnerware)

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