Yoga for All Bodies, Most Saturdays at DragonflyHill Urban Farm

Hosted by Real Life Yogi

Select Saturdays 9:30-10:30 am
Next Class: July 1, 2017
-Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)
Upcoming Classes: July  8, 15
Brunch (RSVP) to follow class

Location: DragonflyHill Urban Farm, in the Purple Barn Gallery, down the driveway, behind the house)
345 Douglas Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Leading up to the August 6, Peace Memorial Day, commemorating the 72 anniversary of the humankind’s first attack on self by a Nuclear weapon, we will start exploring the topic of “Peace.”

Let’s start with the premise that Peace starts within each of us. If there aren’t for an

Misaku Lauritzen, Yogi, teaching yoga

Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)

individual peace, there won’t be peace for the world. Therefore, we should all be cultivating the sense of peace within us.

How do you describe peace? An absence of aggression? Serenity? Abundance? People working together? An underlying sence of love?

We live in the world where our sense of peace is threatened every day. When we are under the constant emotional assaults, we begin reacting by aggression; we cannot help it. It is part of our self-defense mechanism.

We need to remind ourselves though, that our aggression, even when it is directed outward, actually affects us inward. That is why we need to keep replenishing our sense of inner love and peace.

I have always believed in yoga as a powerful means of self-care. You can do it anywhere, and it does not cost a dime. In that spirit, this Saturday we will learn a trick or two how to keep peace inside ourselves when there are wars happening all around the world.

People of all ages, body types, physical abilities are invited to attend. The class fee is a suggested donation of $10 – 15. All proceeds will be donated to The We Empowerment Center.

Hope to see you there!!!
Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)


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