Products We Love: Bedding

Our beds are an essential element of our attention to detail in providing guests with comfort, cleanliness and elegance. We choose products that are healthy and wholesome. Bedding is especially important for guests with allergies and we chose our products with care and consideration. 

The Bed:  Most of our bed frames are folding frames so we can change out a room to Mettle frame folding the needs of our guests, should they need an alternative bed configuration. We haven’t settled on any one brand. Some of our frames were purchased new, via Amazon, and others were purchased through craigslist. Folding frames can be stored in a closet or transported in the back seat or trunk of a car.  They are sturdy and supportive.

The Mattress: We get all our mattresses (including our own) from Futon Factory L.A. in 3 inch folding foam mattress. Color: redCulver City. These folding mattresses (again, easy to store, change and rearrange) are light weight (so they are not hard on our backs when we make the beds and preparing the rooms for our guests).  These mattresses are sturdy and up to the task of 6 inch folding foam mattress. Color: greyproviding a good night’s rest to our weary travelers. Guests have commented “Mattress was soft but not too soft” and “Mattress was hard but not too hard.”  It seems to be perfect for everyone. We have a fold out futon in the Parlour in our Lavender Suite and in our Frida Room. When we pull the futons out for guests, we top them with the Futon Factory’s 3 inch foam. All our other mattresses have the 6 inch foam.

Encasements: We use protective encasements for our mattresses and pillows to prevent bedbug, dust mites and reduce allergens. (We also vacuum our mattresses between bed changes with an upholstery attachment and put diatomaceous earth in our vacuum bags, to eliminate any unwanted pests.)  One of our preferred brands is Hospitology Sleep Defense System.   We top the encasement with a mattress protector.

Luxury Linens: We LOVE Clara Clark Sheet Sets and Duvet Covers.  These sheets and Clara Clark Sheet Set: fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases in mocha light brown. duvet covers feel like silk, breathe like cotton and wear like a $200 sheet set, but for a much more affordable price. They come in a variety of colors.  We prefer Hospitology Heavenly Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert. These provide wonderful warmth and are hypoallergenic. 

We provide guests with a variety of pillows, and have not settled on any particular brand. Each bed has 4 pillows and a decorative throw pillow.  We also provide two extra blankets per bed, encased in plastic bags and stored in the closet. We ask guests who use the blankets, not to put them back in the bags, as we launder all bedding between guests.






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