Yoga for All Bodies, Most Saturdays at DragonflyHill Urban Farm

Last Class until September! Hosted by Real Life Yogi

Select Saturdays 9:30-10:30 am
Next Class: July 15, 2017
-Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)
Upcoming Class: Suspended until September
Brunch (RSVP) to follow class

Location: DragonflyHill Urban Farm, in the Purple Barn Gallery, down the driveway, behind the house)
345 Douglas Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Hi, everyone.

Due to my work obligations in Japan and also vacation coming up, we will not be having another class till Saturday, September 2nd. The class that we are having this Saturday will be the last class before the break.

This Saturday we will work with mantras. Mantras are words and sound; many kundalini yoga mantras are written in Gurmukhi, a sacred Indian language, and there are some others in English. The yogic science tells us that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche. Mantra is the use of sound to affect consciousness; man means mind and trang means wave or projection.

With the esoteric teaching aside, as someone who practices yoga daily, I find working

Misaku Lauritzen, Yogi, teaching yoga

Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)

with mantra very refreshing and empowering. I believe that it is our nature to “project,” which we do not do nearly enough. Voicing a sound allows us to work with our breathing. And also, speaking in the language that we do not quite understand is refreshing and plain fun!!!

I wanted to leave you with something you can practice at home, so I will try to pack this session with short exercises and meditations that you can do daily, which will make a difference in your life.

Join us this Saturday. People of all ages, body types, physical abilities are invited. The class fee is a suggested donation of $10-15. All proceeds are donated to The WE Empowerment Center.

-Yogi Tej Atma (Misako Lauritzen)


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