DragonflyHill Design Studios: Specializing in DISability Access

DragonflyHill Design Studios is specialized in DISability access, without compromising on design. We understand the importance of inclusion in all social events, locations and activities. We’re also keenly aware of the overt and covert hostility toward inclusion. We can provide guidance and support in both construction/design aspects of inclusion as well as social/community awareness.

Many of the members of our team have DISabilities, which informs our understanding of the human rights issues of exclusion as well as the physical barriers to inclusion.

We can provide the following services:

  • Design and Construction:    Downstairs Bathroom :Tile surround tub with elegant grab bars, a towel warmer, sink with tilting mirror, toilet with grab bars behind and to the left of the toilet, a towel warmer, and just under 5 feet of turn around space.
    • Ramping
    • Widening doorways
    • Referral to lift installation services
    • Meeting and Exceeding ADA requirements
    • Creating Accessible bathrooms
    • Restoring older buildings for access
    • Providing a scent free environment
    • Access issues beyond ramps & doorways
    • Creative Problem solving
  • Workshops and Staff Development 
    • Staff training on access issues
    • Consultation on event planning for full access and inclusion
    • Outreach to DISabled individuals and communities
    • Signage for optimal access
    • Mediation, advocacy and conflict resolutionFront porch with craftsman chairs
    • Creation of accessibility plans
    • Meeting the needs of DISabled people in your community, workplace or organization
    • DISability inclusion and understanding of key issues related to improved customer and employee services
    • DISability access in social justice, human rights, faith based and educational environments, organizations and institutions
    • DISability inclusion for greater profits, improved and increased customer and employee base
    • Hiring people with DISabilities & including DISabled people in all of your programs
    • Recognizing DISabled people as resources and leaders
    • Implementing a social model of DISability
    • Establishing healthy work environments that value the whole worker, whole person
    • Creative Problem solving

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