More Articles Awaiting Comment: Defending Home Sharing. The Battle for Hearts and Minds.

We’ve been busy with guests, in the summer season, but we can’t get too far away from the struggle to keep our homes, communities and jobs in the ongoing fight to keep the city from legislating the relationships we have in our own homes under the pretext of preventing landlord abuses, abuses this city has never eagerly addressed. How can the creation of a huge apparatus that would be assigned the task of monitoring our in home relationships, in any way free up the city to go after the nominal villains of the antibnb brigade?  The truth seems so clear to many of us. Home sharing is a threat to the hotel industry and blaming airbnb hosts for the housing crisis instead of demanding that the city strengthen and use existing laws to go after abusive landlords, provides an easy bait and switch.  By portraying airbnb hosts as greedy landlords and not who most of us really are: elders, retirees on fixed incomes, DISabled folx, women, working people, using the airbnb platform to create jobs for ourselves and others, and to keep and afford our housing, the hotel industry divides social justice activists in a bizarre series of events that has housing rights organizations literally campaigning to displace many seniors on fixed incomes.  A campaign that openly tried to kick granny from her flat would not be nearly as impressive.

So go to it. The battle for hearts and minds is on. For talking points go to other posts on this blog. Let the city and the people know who we really are and if you know people doing housing rights work and anti-gentrification work, engage them on how any legislation on what we do in our own homes is to wage war on their neighbors, their elders, their family members and their community.

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