L.A. Times Hit Piece on Home Sharing: Commentary Needed

The Battle for Hearts and Minds Is On!

The L.A. Times published the following hit piece on home sharing.  Those opposed to home sharing are posting this article on their social media pages and walls. This is an opportunity for those who support home sharing to explain the problems with the ordinance and the value of home sharing. The more sunlight this issue gets, the more favorable people are about home sharing.

If you’re not comfortable commenting, take the time to like the comments of others who do speak out. Your support matters.

Comment on the L.A. Times Web page:

Venice has become an epicenter of Los Angeles’ struggle over short-term rentals. Call it the Airbnb problem

Comments needed on the following threads:
The L.A. Times also posted the article to their facebook page:

Here’s my comment:

It’s not just greedy landlords,. It’s also the greedy hotel industry that pushed for elements of this ordinance that would greatly hurt people who use airbnb and other platforms, renting out rooms in their own homes, or who rent out their homes when they are away, often on assignment for work. These are homes many hosts have lived in for decades, in communities they’ve lived in, for many years. They are your neighbors and many are older on fixed incomes, with serious health limitations. Many of these hosts would be displaced by this ordinance, only increasing the need for rental units or adding to the displacement going on in communities. That the so called housing rights activists that are behind this ordinance make no distinction in their policies between working people renting out their own home, and greedy landlords is really outrageous.

The ordinance doesn’t just deal with the apartment buildings turned hotels, but would regulate very intimate aspects of our lives within our residences. These are the portions of the ordinance that holds up the entire issue of regulation. Also, as the article clearly states, the city hasn’t had much interest in going after greedy landlords, ever. Those who think this ordinance would protect against that greed are caught up in the same right wing fantasies about law and order and over regulation of private lives as a way of “deterring” the big fish. But this ordinance gives the city the best excuse for not going after the greedy and abusive landlords because it would require the monitoring of thousands of hosts renting out space in their own homes
This ordinance as written hurts the poorest home sharing hosts the most and would make it much harder for the city to actually go after the bad landlords it has demonstrated for years, it is reluctant to address.
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