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When the dust settled and the bulk of our restoration of this amazing but battered 1914 Craftsman house was finished, what remained was a multi-talented team who wanted to continue working here and working together.

Core values of our work include attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and cultivating community. We strive to provide our neighborhood and the greater Los Angeles area with a variety of services based on integrity they can count on from us.

Sleeping PorchBed and Breakfast Experience: We have two beautiful suites that provide short term lodging for travelers, people resettling, between homes, emergency housing, visiting scholars, artists and activists and anyone looking for a temporary housing solution. We offer elegant, comfortable, safe and sober, child friendly, LGBTQIA and DISability (disability) affirmative, anti-racist, anti-sexist accommodations with free parking, wifi and breakfasts.

The Gallery BarnEvent and Space Rental: The Studios at DragonflyHill Urban Farm provide space for a variety of events and efforts including rehearsal space, photography, yoga, dance, film, healing arts, massage, reiki, and meetings.

Back Yard Through RailingFilm Locations: We can accommodate most budgets– large and small, though the services we can provide differ. Talk to us about your project and let’s work together to make this space work for you. We can assist with set design and construction and provide a professional staff to assure your shoot here is a total success.

Photo of Andy GriggsDragonflyHill Community Tax Services:
Don’t trust your taxes to just anyone. Bring your taxes to Andy Griggs, a Registered Tax Preparer. We specialize in taxes for educators, small businesses, non-profits and performing and visual artists. We also offer year round consulting and services.


DragonflyHill Design Studios: *photography* design *staging* repairs * maintenance* cleaning *landscaping:
Offering photography, design, construction, cleaning and maintenance services.  We Lavender Room deskspecialize in house restoration and staging, landscaping,  real estate photography and portraits, including head shots and DISability (disability) access. We also do earthquake safety and preparedness.



Grapefruit tree in front yard.
Urban Farming, Landscaping, Irrigation: We can help with landscaping, installation, drip irrigation, xeriscaping, garden construction (raised beds, arbors, gazebos, concrete, tile, walkways), composting, training (so you can do it yourself after we leave),  maintenance (if you don’t want to do it yourself after we leave), native plants, sprouting, balcony and kitchen gardens.

Gallery Barn, set up with rice paper screens and a massage table for healing arts.Reiki and Radical Healing with Emma:  Reiki is a hands on modality that gently supports the client towards health and healing. In a typical reiki session, the client lies on a massage table fully clothed and the practitioner places their*  hands on specific points on or near the client’s body, focusing on areas of concern, as well as on the body as a whole. Reiki complements other healing modalities it does not replace them.  Reiki and Radical Healing with Emma, also includes conversation that integrates the physical realities of the client to the daily struggles and external realities that the client encounters.

books, pens, markers, coffee cup, roses, file folders, camera
Words & Numbers Tutoring & Proofreading: Math, Language Arts, ESL, Social Sciences, Organizational skills, Text Prep, Support & assistance for people with DISabilities, Proofreading, College applications.

DragonflyHill Urban Farm is wheelchair accessible,  DISability (disability), LGBTQIA affirmative, anti-sexist, anti-racist, decolonialist, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist.
Carlos, with hand saw, cutting a 2x4

Each One Teach One: Do you need help with your home, either in the garden, cleaning,
organizing, construction or design?  We do it all, or we can do it with you, working with you, one on one, combining our home building and home making skills with our decades of experience as teachers.

After consulting with a member of the Dragonfly Team, make your agreed payment:

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