Favorite Local Businesses and Resources

Some of the local small businesses and organizations whose products we use and services we benefit from and highly recommend:

The WE Empowerment Center cultivates sustainable paradigms of individual and collective healing, identity and empowerment through education, dialogue, creative expression and collaboration, within a social justice context.
It was founded by members of the Dragonfly Team and is housed at DragonflyHill Urban Farm.

K Bakery:
The local panaderia, featuring Central American and Mexican  pan dulce, cakes, pastries and bread, as well as freshly squeezed juices, agua fresca, bionicos (fruit salads), tacos, burritos and other full meal menu options. Emma’s favorite is the vegetarian burrito with carne asada and nopales.

Echo Park Community Acupuncture: Where for a sliding scale, Magie Song and Stephen Santorro will make everything better.

Brooklyn Bagel: On Beverly Blvd, in the same neighborhood as the relocated formerly Brooklyn Dodgers, where they serve up the most amazing bagels, even by Brooklyn standards. We understand they are having some problems with their location at the Beverly sight, but also have a location in Montebello, and we await their return to the community that loves them.

Tacos Leo: a local taco truck that serves up amazingness, just around the corner, on Glendale Blvd, just south of Temple St.

Tamale Las Americas: Friend of the farm, Claudia, will deliver the most amazing Tamales from all over the continent (North and South.) You can find Tamales Las Americas on Eat24.

(Vegetable Truck): Comes to Douglas Street every Wednesday, selling fresh fruit, vegetables, candies and eggs.

Street Vendors:

Street vendors play an important role in preventing communities from becoming food deserts and also provide employment for workers who may be marginalized by the established workforce.

Roberto, the elotero, can be heard coming closer and closer, via his bicycle bell,             and pushing a shopping cart with hot corn on the cob, served on a stick, with                     cheese,  butter, mayonaise and chile, or in a cup, off the cob.

Edwin, the tamalero, sells amazing tamales out of his hatchback, 6 for 5$. Our                  favorites are the queso con rajas. He also sells piping hot champurado, especially             wonderful on cold mornings.


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