Staying at DragonflyHill Urban Farm

 This page is under construction. For links to all of our accommodations, please visit our listings on Airbnb. We do all of our booking for overnight accommodations through airbnb.

DragonflyHill Urban Farm is a dynamic community of artists, activists and crafts people. We welcome you to participate in events here, retreat to your own private rooms or take advantage of our wonderful location, with easy access to Downtown, public transportation, local parks and restaurants. While there is wonderful activity here all the time,  rooms are surprisingly quiet. Feel free to participate in the gatherings here or take time for yourself away from the distractions of your busy life. This is a wonderful location for an artist retreat, a family vacation or a chance to meet new people and explore a new city. 

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The Lavender Suite,  The Lotus Retreat and Lotus Suite  and The Frida Room and Suite


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Dis-ability access at DragonflyHill  

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Guidelines for Overnight Guests at DragonflyHill Urban Farm

DragonflyHIll Urban Farm Community Principles and Guidelines

Respect the Space:
Your room is one of four active listings at DragonflyHill Urban Farm. You are welcome to participate in any activities or keep to yourself.

  1. Guests affirm that they have read the rules and our listing carefully and understand all of the accommodations described in the listing. Guests reserving a stay here agree to communicate with the host via airbnb’s platform prior to arrival and to check airbnb messages, especially immediately after making a reservation and again in the days leading up to your trip. Communication is essential for us to be able to provide you with comfortable and elegant accommodations.
  2.  While we are children friendly, we cannot provide free accommodations for children or infants OF ANY AGE.  We welcome your children and infants  into our home but all fees and total number of guest limits apply. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. We value deeply the diversity, labor, skill and craft of everyone who participates, works and lives at and around DragonflyHill Urban Farm. We therefore insist that people are especially vigilant to avoid speech and actions that are hurtful, marginalizing and offensive.  We are ethnically and culturally diverse, anti-racist, anti-sexist, child friendly, wheelchair accessible and dis-ability and LGBTQIA affirmative. We strongly abide by these values and hope you’ll join us.
  4. We are part of a larger community that is also economically, ethnically and culturally diverse. We deeply value our relationships with our neighbors. If guests have a problem with something or someone in the neighborhood, please contact your  DragonflyHill Team and let us do what we can to resolve it. We highly discourage notifying the police except in emergencies, especially given the particular history of the police in this area and their relationship to the community.
  5. Absolutely NO contraband: No porn, drugs or weapons.  No guns. No exceptions! This is not a moral judgement, but rather a security consideration and lifestyle choice for the space, and of course, no illegal criminal activity. This includes medical marijuana, as long as it remains federally criminalized. When the federal restrictions are lifted we will of course honor medical uses of this medication.
  6. This is a safe and sober space. Guests who do drink agree to limit consumption within their own room and in moderation. No alcohol in the common and shared spaces. Smoking tobacco is allowed on the front and side porch/patios.
  7. Please use scent free personal products. We provide scent free bath products for our guests.  We cannot guarantee a scent free space but we do encourage people to understand that their choice of fragrances can impact the human rights and access of others. No aerosols or essential oils!
  8. No law enforcement, governmental security agents or military personnel etc. allowed.  If you have a warrant we of course will not obstruct you in your court mandated work, but we do not give consent.
  9. Keys and key codes to DragonflyHill Urban Farm are not to be shared with anyone. Codes are changed regularly. If you lose your keycode you must notify us immediately.
  10. Do not remove bedding, towels, equipment, bath products, books, kitchen utensils, plates, containers or other items provided by DragonflyHill from the premises.
  11. No pets, except our cat.  Of course, this does not apply to service animals who are always welcome.
  12. Registered guests only. Overnight fees apply for additional guests. An overnight guest is anyone on the premises between 10:30 PM and 8:30AM, unless specific arrangements have been made. Additionally, frequent non-registered visitors to guest rooms is discouraged. Guests agree to fill out a standard registration form for their group, and provide a photo ID for all adult guests upon arrival.
  13. Special events and parties must be approved by the host and will most likely incur a separate fee.
  14. Guests staying more than 28 days should communicate with host before booking and will be agreeing to a standard lease, background check and additional security deposit to be paid directly to the host.
  15. Please make sure you remove all valuables from your room upon check out. Due to the labor required, there will be a $50 handling fee plus shipping costs for shipping items to guests. High duty fees may also apply.

There are additional guidelines for events and nonresidential uses of the space. This listing is for the private use of guests and is not a contract for rehearsal or production space or meeting space usage.