Staying at DragonflyHill Urban Farm

DragonflyHill Urban Farm is a dynamic community of artists, activists and crafts people. We welcome you to participate in events here, retreat to your own private rooms or take advantage of our wonderful location, with easy access to Downtown, public transportation, local parks and restaurants. While there is wonderful activity here all the time,  rooms are surprisingly quiet. Feel free to participate in the gatherings here or take time for yourself away from the distractions of your busy life. This is a wonderful location for an artist retreat, a family vacation or a chance to meet new people and explore a new city. 

Lotus RoomSleeping Porch

The Lavender Suite,  The Lotus Retreat and Lotus Suite  and The Frida Room and Suite


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Dis-ability access at DragonflyHill  

Products we use (does not indicate endorsement, listed for health and safety reasons in relation to allergies and sensitivities of guests)

Guidelines for Overnight Guests at DragonflyHill Urban Farm

In consideration for the safety and enjoyment

of everyone who stays,  lives and works here.  

We thank you for your consideration

Respect the Space:

  1. We value deeply the diversity, labor, skill and craft of everyone who participates, works and lives at and around DragonflyHill Urban Farm. We therefore insist that people are especially vigilant to avoid speech and actions that are hurtful, marginalizing and offensive.  We are ethnically and culturally diverse, anti-racist, anti-sexist, child friendly, wheelchair accessible and dis-ability and LGBTQIA affirmative. We strongly abide by these values and hope you’ll join us.
  2. We are part of a larger community that is also economically, ethnically and culturally diverse. We deeply value our relationships with our neighbors. If guests have a problem with something or someone in the neighborhood, please contact your  DragonflyHill Team and let us do what we can to resolve it. We highly discourage notifying the police, especially given the particular history of the police in this area and their relationship to the community.
  3. Absolutely NO contraband: No porn, drugs or weapons.  No guns. No exceptions! This is not a moral judgement, but rather a security consideration and lifestyle choice for the space, and of course, no illegal criminal activity.
  4. This is a safe and sober space. No alcohol  without special arrangements and consideration.  No recreational/illegal drugs under any circumstance.
  5. Service dogs and their owners are encouraged to stay at DragonflyHIll Urban Farm but we do not allow pets (except our cat).
  6. Please use scent free personal products while visiting  DragonflyHill Urban Farm, so that everyone can stay here regardless of chemical sensitivity. Please refer to our list of products and If you are allergic to any of these products, let us know so we can do everything possible to accommodate your full participation.  We cannot guarantee a scent free space but we do encourage people to understand that their choice of fragrances can impact the human rights and access of others.
  7. There is no smoking inside any of the buildings. We do allow smoking on the (covered) front porch and by the bench near the side porch. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in the receptacle provided.
  8. Hate speech, bullying, sexism, cis-sexism, ableism, racism, bigotry, discrimination, harassment, ridicule,  provocation and government infiltration will not be tolerated.
  9. No law enforcement, governmental security agents or military personnel etc. allowed.  If you have a warrant we of course will not obstruct you in your court mandated work, but we do not give consent.
  10. Keys and key codes to DragonflyHill Urban Farm are not to be shared with anyone. Codes are changed regularly.
  11. Check in is at 3 PM and no later than 9:30 PM unless special arrangements have been made.
  12. Check out is at 10 AM unless other arrangements have been made.
  13. Please join us for breakfast and tea, at 9:30 most days. Use of the kitchen can be scheduled with any of the DragonflyHill Team.  Use any of the kitchen supplies, not including food (except ice tea which is complimentary). Use assigned refrigerator space only. Rinse off dishes and place in sink.
  14. Do not remove bedding, towels, equipment, bath products, books, kitchen utensils, plates, containers or other items provided by DragonflyHill from the premises.
  15. All bedding is removed and washed between guests. Blankets are provided in your room and are stored in plastic bags. If you use the blankets, please do not put them back in the plastic bag. Leave them out so we know to clean them for the next guest.
  16. Please make use of the rest of the space– the gardens, gazebo, front porch, living room and dining room when they are not in use. The Studio,including the Purple Barn and the Frida Room, as well as the common areas of the Museum House (the kitchen, living room and dining room ) are also available for exclusive use by appointment. A small fee may apply.
  17. Parking is available in assigned spaces subject to availability. 
  18. Registered guests only. Overnight fees apply for additional guests. An overnight guest is anyone on the premises between 10:30PM and 7:30AM, unless specific arrangements have been made. Additionally, frequent visitors to guest suites is discouraged.