About Us

DragonflyHill Urban Farm is an dynamic community of urban farmers, activists, artists and craftspeople, focusing on the cultivation of sustainable community connections and mutual support and aid. The Farm specializes in fruits, herbs and edible flowers and also has a small plot of seasonal vegetables. We provide working and meeting space, short term lodging, on site film location and a variety of services to the community, both in house and as services off site.

We love welcoming new people into our space. The Museum House has 2 room suites and single rooms available for short term lodging.  The farm also features a gazebo and the studio for short term residencies, meetings, performances and other gatherings.

DragonflyHill Urban Farm includes a 1914 Craftsman house  (the Museum House) and the 1924 Studio, both of which suffered years of neglect and shoddy workmanship under absentee landlords. The premises have been fully restored through the collaborative work of local artists and craftspeople, and reflects the style of the era in which the house was built.  The front of the house is full of roses, fruit trees and herbs.  Fifteen rose varieties line the pathways. All rose varieties were selectively bred before 1913, consistent with the age of the house.  

DragonflyHill Urban Farm includes the home and workplace of activists, artisans and craftspeople.  The Museum House includes period design and furnishings. Both the Museum House and the Studios include innovative solutions to dis-ability (disability) access and reflects years of craftsmanship, research, and the extensive use of local vintage stores and Craigslist.   The first floor & studios are wheelchair accessible. The upper unit will be equipped with a stair lift.

The Dragonfly Team (pictured above), Consists of 5 people: Carlos, Emma, Glenda, Andy & Xeres (not pictured), who work together to maintain DragonflyHill Urban Farm as an urban farm, a community space and a place for weary travelers. The team members have a variety of skills and interests which translate into several services available to the community.  Two of us live on the premises.

Languages Spoken at DragonflyHill: Los Angeles is a language rich city. The number of languages spoken at DragonflyHill Urban Farm can vary depending on who stops by and who stays over. The Dragonfly Team speaks (in alphabetical order): English,  Garifuna, Belizean Creole and Spanish. Other languages spoken in the immediate community, include Tagalog and Q’anjob’al (also Kanjobal) as well.

Community Values, Principles and Guidelines

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